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Stafford Intermediate Experience

Stafford Iguana


The Stafford Intermediate School provides a unique and challenging learning experience for all of our fifth and sixth graders. Our highly qualified teachers differentiate their instruction so each student can maximize their learning potential through a variety of methods and materials. Lessons are creative, student-centered, and extended by technology. Our school community is highly motivated to provide enriching opportunities utilizing current research and practices. Each child truly has an individualized learning experience at the Intermediate School. Our committed staff provides students the opportunity to further their skills and knowledge through our afterschool enrichment programs in both the arts and academic areas.

The Stafford Intermediate School focuses on educating the whole child. In order to achieve this goal we provide a multitude of programs for our students. The students of the Intermediate School are granted the opportunity to participate in vocal and instrumental music, computers, art, drama and media. This is accomplished in addition to the students continuing in our health and physical education classes.

Our school family at Intermediate includes parents/guardians and community members. There are ample opportunities for parents and community members to visit and/or volunteer in our school. Some of these programs include: Back to School Night, Parent Advisory Committee, American Education Week, Career Day, DARE Day, Project Aware, 6th Grade Fun Day and Parent Teacher Conferences. Our Home/School Liaison works together with parents, teachers, and administrators to offer informative workshops throughout the school year that will benefit our students. Additionally, our PTO sponsors many activities throughout the school year that helps us to provide opportunities to our students to compliment their educational program.

The Intermediate School constantly seeks to provide the best educational program for all students. We are committed to lifelong learning for staff and students alike!